The Point of Things?

Just a few things where I question whether or not there is a point to actually “do it” in the long-run.

– Okay.  Okay, being a girl one the of the things that has irritated INFURIATED me the most is buying jeans with puny/nonexistent pockets. @.@  I mean seriously, what is the point of even trying if it has no functions at all besides deceiving buyers and an excuse to use less cloth/effort.  I actually had to look up the purpose of why this is…. because it having pockets with “stuff” in them makes you look “weird” or “fatter” around the hip area.

Dear media/society,
I am a girl.  I don’t care if my hips look slightly bulgy.  I hate using purses everywhere I go.  I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIP SIZE, JUST GIVE ME SOME FUNCTIONAL POCKETS!
Sincerely a frustrated teen.

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