Genuine Niche: The Purpose of Content.

orbsThis is a picture of my grandpa’s crystal globe.  It’s distinctive design allows for different appearances based on point of view.

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.

Tom Brokaw

Recently, someone linked me to a podcast featuring Seth Godin on Krista Tippet’s podcast series, “On Being.”  Godin is a marketing specialist/analyst and author with a divergent view on the world, art, advertisement, and making a different in one’s community.  The podcast begins with the captivating claim that we are in a post-Industrial connection economy and that we are all called to create to inspire and make an impact to the people around us.

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Individuality Versus Community

Hey guys, just to let you know, this post will be more academically centered than other posts!  However, like most of my other posts, will be relevant to most people’s lives– individuality versus community.

CVII took the two flower pictures at the Butchart Garden and my friend’s parents took the other two from a sleepover.  I edited them together.  The different colored flower symbolizes individuality with underlying conformity of species.  And the pictures of my friends and I represents a community of close friends and also shows our differences to some extent (because we’ll pretty different, but that doesn’t stop us from being great friends, aka a community of Chinese School friends). Continue reading

The Best & The Worst

I have been living in a first-world society for my entire life.  I have not been ignorant to the problems of the world.  They just never bore significant effect.  I know of the factory-raised animals, climate, the mistreatment of animals and humans around the world, poverty as a major problem, the violence plaguing so many people even in first-world countries (like recent shooting near the area I live), nuclear threats, people dying, cancer, diseases, etc.


First World Problems Versus… World Problems?


Which is more relevant to you?

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Teen Life: The Good, The Bad, And The Fun

So, depending on what you want to hear first: the best (the good things in my teen life), the worst (the bad things in my teen life), or the fun (demonstrations on how to be awesome), click the hyperlinks and enjoy!

*I’m done with the hyperlink blogs, but I decided that my “best” and “worst” were related enough, so I just combined them into a single post.  I hope you enjoy!

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, it’s just that so many things have come up, including some of the troubles I mentioned above and things like standardized testing is coming up in a few days, yikes!

The Fun – Part One

Recently in these high school years many fun (aka entertaining and amusing) ideas, activities, projects, and possibly even pranks (that I have yet to pull) have been introduced to me by a lot of “hipster friends” (*thanks guys*).  Because I’m such a great person, I’m going to share some of these ideas with you.  Note: It took me a long time to do this post, so I’m leaving this as part one.  Below I have the materials and procedures for Crayon Drip Art and Book Boxes.

*Note: none of these pictures below are not mine, they belong to their respective owners.  I linked the image to their original owners. (Give them a visit) 😀

Crayon Art: Welcome to the incredible world of crayons.

Rainbow Pattern

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The Point of Things?

Just a few things where I question whether or not there is a point to actually “do it” in the long-run.

– Okay.  Okay, being a girl one the of the things that has irritated INFURIATED me the most is buying jeans with puny/nonexistent pockets. @.@  I mean seriously, what is the point of even trying if it has no functions at all besides deceiving buyers and an excuse to use less cloth/effort.  I actually had to look up the purpose of why this is…. because it having pockets with “stuff” in them makes you look “weird” or “fatter” around the hip area.

Dear media/society,
I am a girl.  I don’t care if my hips look slightly bulgy.  I hate using purses everywhere I go.  I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIP SIZE, JUST GIVE ME SOME FUNCTIONAL POCKETS!
Sincerely a frustrated teen.

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Simply Tedious or Simply Neccessary?

To be perfectly honest, I’m sometimes bothered by the daily workload students are assigned and the manner that they are being assigned all while having to juggle time for friends, family, studying (for both school tests, SAT, ACT, and whatever other extracurricular like Chinese School or piano CM– I just took my piano and theory CM two weeks ago 😀 ), etc.

I’m perfectly aware that there have been many debates concerning the amount of homework students should have.  I will acknowledge that the focus spans of our generation of teenagers have a drastically decreased attention and focus span due to the many distractions in life.  Perhaps the biggest culprit of making time slipping through our fingers, making certain skill-sets of society wane, and cause kids to have less and less time to sleep is the internet.  Based on a study done last year, the average American spends 23 hours a week online, texting, etc.  That’s about 14% of our week and about 19% of the average person’s time awake (given you sleep 7 hours a day… which judging from most teens, that’s probably more than what they’re getting…)  Those numbers are rather scary, that you only have so many years to live and yet, everyone’s spending a great chunk of it on a virtual world (like you and I right now).Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.50.17 PM


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