An Impact.

One concept that everybody knows, but not everybody truly knows is a person’s ability to make change.  (Good, positive change for the environment and society around you is always the best way to go… try avoiding negative impacts.)  One drop in the whole scope of the ocean reverberates.  But the range of that impact, one tiny drop, depends on the magnitude probably influence it has on its surrounding “waves.”  That one single action or idea can literally save many people and lift them up into a state of appreciation.  Doing good for the people and community around you is also benefiting yourself.

So, no matter what age, what era, or what goals you hope to achieve in the future.  Take a step back, help someone in society.  Plan things for the betterment of people around you.



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Challenge: 100 Words

 shortest-poemThe “pictures” above and below are arguably the world’s shortest abstract poems… The meanings are up for interpretation, but how much can really be said in the combination of two letters, mere abstract symbols?  Who knows, will we ever?

How much can be said in 100 words?  What ideas conveyed?  What kind of precision or choice of words does it take to create a meaningful message in 100 words exact?  So, what can be said in 100 words or less?  Well… For starters, a short text can report all kinds of misfortunes and wonders.   Can it make a coherent story?  Possibly.  Here’s my challenge to myself and whoever is reading this, summarize something you did today in 100 words in any format of your choice. Whatever you come up with, feel free to post it in the comments

To learn more about the world’s shortest poem:

*Author’s Note:  I may decide to write a few posts in the future to sum something up and trying to encase it all in 100 words.

Loyalty- World of Parallels

It’s amazing, honestly.  A few months ago, I thought loyalty wasn’t a strong suit of cats, instead more of a dog trait.  However along comes two of them, both males.  And one ultimately proves me dead wrong (although the other is also really caring).

~~After reading this article, please leave name suggestions for the big and little kitties in the dooblydoo of this blog (comments section)… After all this time, we have yet to name them…  Awesome, witty references to novels or movies would be appreciated.~~

IMG_5518A picture I took of both the little and the big kitty.

So first things first, these aren’t technically my cats. However, they may as well be because their last owner was my neighbor.  The father cat, quickly warmed up to us when we found him wandering in our backyard, shortly after the neighbors moved in and a few months before the little kitty was born.  Long story short, they rented out the house, brought two cats, two cats had two kids, then they moved away leaving two cats without warning– the father and one incredibly shy cat.  So after a week of warming up to it, it finally let us (meaning my family and I) pet it. Continue reading