The Best & The Worst

I have been living in a first-world society for my entire life.  I have not been ignorant to the problems of the world.  They just never bore significant effect.  I know of the factory-raised animals, climate, the mistreatment of animals and humans around the world, poverty as a major problem, the violence plaguing so many people even in first-world countries (like recent shooting near the area I live), nuclear threats, people dying, cancer, diseases, etc.


First World Problems Versus… World Problems?


Which is more relevant to you?

But because of recent events in my high school life, I would say the worst aspect about life as of late is mental degradation. Continue reading


Teen Life: The Good, The Bad, And The Fun

So, depending on what you want to hear first: the best (the good things in my teen life), the worst (the bad things in my teen life), or the fun (demonstrations on how to be awesome), click the hyperlinks and enjoy!

*I’m done with the hyperlink blogs, but I decided that my “best” and “worst” were related enough, so I just combined them into a single post.  I hope you enjoy!

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, it’s just that so many things have come up, including some of the troubles I mentioned above and things like standardized testing is coming up in a few days, yikes!

The Fun – Part One

Recently in these high school years many fun (aka entertaining and amusing) ideas, activities, projects, and possibly even pranks (that I have yet to pull) have been introduced to me by a lot of “hipster friends” (*thanks guys*).  Because I’m such a great person, I’m going to share some of these ideas with you.  Note: It took me a long time to do this post, so I’m leaving this as part one.  Below I have the materials and procedures for Crayon Drip Art and Book Boxes.

*Note: none of these pictures below are not mine, they belong to their respective owners.  I linked the image to their original owners. (Give them a visit) 😀

Crayon Art: Welcome to the incredible world of crayons.

Rainbow Pattern

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