An Internet Handshake

Writing a blog post is easy. You can do it in three simple steps.

1. Pick an object of seemingly minimal importance.

2. Proceed to make the object look like one of maximum importance by comparing it to God or the difficulties of life.

3. Think of a clever but obscure sounding title.

Sounding intelligent is easy.

1.  Use lists, graphs, and analyses as writing devices.

2.  Leave out all contractions.

3. Keep an online thesaurus open in another window and use whenever you’re about to use utilize a verb that is under five letters.

Writing an honest blog post while still sounding intelligent, however, is on my list of top ten most difficult things to do, right up there with “giving someone a handshake.”  You think I say this just to make a smooth transition to my next topic, but no; I spend more time thinking about this more than is entirely healthy.

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