It’s a Trip. Someday, It’ll Be Worth It.

It’s almost done.  My high school years are almost over.

Seeing the faces of all the friends who have been with me as long as seven years (that’s almost half my life…),  all the teachers I’ve grown to love and respect, the acquaintances I’ve worked with, and the family that has supported me, it’s kind of hard to think: I might soon leave.  Move to someplace previously unknown to me.  Somewhere without familiar faces.  I’m definitely going to miss everyone.  Heck, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been with the same friend group, the Nerd Herd, since the fourth or the fifth grade.

To think, sometime next year, I’ll be completely new.

Daunted? Scared? Nervous? Yes, I am.

Yet, it’s a challenge, isn’t it?  So many things in life are just hurdles, hills or even mountains on the path of life.  But you know what?  Once you get over it, climb to the top of the obstacle that once blocked your path, the view you see could be a field of brilliant gold.  Life is not just means to one end.  It’s a never-ending marathon with ups and downs.  Dark and light.  All we can do is to keep running, climbing.  Cherish those moments you experience from clearing one hurdle, keep the memory alive, but keep pushing on.  Who knows?  The obstacles ahead might be much more daunting, but who says the journey must always be terrible?  Maybe, just maybe… No, keep your head up because as long as you keep going.  Pushing.  Persevering.  Hoping.  You will see: The stars will shine, illuminating a beautiful night path.  The day will break the sun-less night.  There will be new, wonderful people to meet.  You will live new adventures.

You write your own unique tale.  Make it a memorable one.



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