The Point of Things?

Just a few things where I question whether or not there is a point to actually “do it” in the long-run.

– Okay.  Okay, being a girl one the of the things that has irritated INFURIATED me the most is buying jeans with puny/nonexistent pockets. @.@  I mean seriously, what is the point of even trying if it has no functions at all besides deceiving buyers and an excuse to use less cloth/effort.  I actually had to look up the purpose of why this is…. because it having pockets with “stuff” in them makes you look “weird” or “fatter” around the hip area.

Dear media/society,
I am a girl.  I don’t care if my hips look slightly bulgy.  I hate using purses everywhere I go.  I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIP SIZE, JUST GIVE ME SOME FUNCTIONAL POCKETS!
Sincerely a frustrated teen.


tumblr_n2stdy51uh1rp482qo1_500 tumblr_mw291nja1Q1spo0xwo1_500 tumblr_mw291nja1Q1spo0xwo2_500  2 inch pocket… I mean seriously… why bother? tumblr_mxh0ggoAGE1qk58imo1_500SO… FRUSTRATING…. *Rage quits on life.*

– School.  All this learning, multiple subjects in intense scrutiny, the pressures of failing and potentially ruining a person’s chances of entering a proficient/well-known college… what’s the point?  How much is knowing certain formulas or obscure words worth during a person’s lifetime?  If disaster strikes or someone dies I’m sure people who have been doing little else but surfing the web, learning tedious subjects, and spending half (or more) of their lives in a chair in class would be grateful that they were taught how to solve complex equations, speak with an elated vocabulary, instead of learning survival skills, going outdoors to “experience” nature, spending quality time with family and friends, etc.  It’s a really sad day when a teacher questions a class, which most student live 10 minutes away from the beach “who has EVER gone surfing in their lifetime?” No one.  “Who has gone camping?”  Maybe 1 or 2 people.  “Who knows how to start a fire without a lighter or matches?”  No one.  “Who has ridden a horse?”  Maybe 1 person.
Another vexing thing I find about school, why can’t they just teach students the basics of all the subject and allow them to specialize in a field they are interested in?  I mean come on, I’d be perfectly happy learning the basics of history, English, other world languages, etc., while only being required to learn in depth the field of study I want (sciences).  Therefore, people who love learning, they can, people who only want to or only have time to learn what they want to major in, it’s easier for them.nap1Learning by osmosis y’all….

– Media in America.  Modern media mediates too many aspects of modern life and constantly exudes negative pressures on a vast majority of teenagers (definitely not me included… I’m only affected by the nerdy side of the Tumblr community –not the fawning over Beiber “I can’t believe he… blah blah blegh.” … side of Tumblr… no offense?– and my very best friends, the Nerd Herd.)  I’m starting to see way too many teens caring about their “figures” and making themselves throw up at buffets…. (Secondly, it’s literally “nauseating” to hear those noises…)  This also ties into complaint #1 about non-existent pockets made for the (unconventional) purposes of forcing women to wear purses and make them seem “skinnier.”
It is also quite a few women women in media that seem to degrade the female gender for the sake of “earning money” or gaining fame by selling out their figures (like seriously… being a teenage girl… I don’t need to see another naked…) and/or screwing up their personality (because like free press right?  Blegh… If media decided to focus on more positive aspects of society, we wouldn’t be so messed up and looked down upon by other nations- honestly I’ve had cousins and friends from other nations who see some of America’s “reality shows” like Jersey Shore and say “Americans are vulgar and screwed up.” -> Yeah, I guessed they kind of assumed that most/all Americans are like those…. animals….).

460x300_cumberbatch_gophotograph_egyptYou said it Benedict!

tumblr_m2yl0aa54f1rske2ao1_400Yup… Annoyingly Judgmental Society.

I can continue these rants… But I’ll stop right here.


5 thoughts on “The Point of Things?

  1. My fave post of yours so far! There’s some stuff I don’t agree with, but that’s awesome because it means what you said really matters and is thought provoking. Nothing like existentialism combined with ranting. A++

  2. Thanks! Haha, you brought in an AP word, “existentialism.” That’s awesome. Well, when I feel the need to rant, I feel that may be when the most nonsense mixed with relevant truth comes into mind, so I find rant posts to be pretty fun… especially when I look back at them (or just actions in the past) in a better mood I tend to think, “Did I honestly type that?” 😛

    • Thanks Kittyhat! There’s so many things wrong with society that can be easily changed, but aren’t… I feel the need to rant quite a bit. If you write a rant post, feel free to link it, I’ll read 😀

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