Problem with Creativity and Projects.

Over winter break, I had a project to make a scrap book detailing specific events and experiences people suffered through in the Great Depression.  I was not quite thrilled to have a project in regular United States history in addition to a bunch of other homework my AP teachers piled on me (then again, as much as I want to complain… I signed up for it all…).  It was one of the last things on my to-do list.  IMG_8668

When I got to it, I was pumped up and thought about making it something special.  Something that was unique and format it in a way I have never done in a project before– create my own background collages, layer more foreground pictures, find pictures all from SPECIFIC states, and use a variety of colors (mostly varied shades browns, green, and black because I was going for the antique look) and fancy text.  The pictures themselves and the facts I included took about four to five hours. What. Continue reading