Can we go back?

Novels about nature or books that are set in times before the industrial revolution make me yearn for days where life seemed much more… simple.  Taxes were trivial or nonexistent, school didn’t take up 10-12 years of a person’s life, and people just hung out.  If I had to pinpoint anytime in history as the time that changed human behaviors from meeting people in person to “hanging out” over virtual “reality,” I would say it’s the Industrial Revolution that has changed us.  The goals of faster output, more products and sales, uniformity, scheduling, and working throughout the night as though workers are easily expendable all seem to stem from that era.  When in human society can we just decide, “let’s go back.”  Back to living day to day and not having to worry about problems in the future, finances, taxes, and burdening major work stress.  For kids even, we put aside the childhood many before us experienced and focus on studies because we’re told, “be the best you can be in school… put everything aside… work now, fun later… get into good colleges… otherwise you’ll have no future.”


Our society is one that has evolved from outdoors and beautiful stars, to the confined, artificial, and removed indoors.  From playing physical sports and laughing together with friends to typing repeatedly on a keyboard, staring at machines, laughing at bright screens, and merely sitting and laying down.  What is to become of our society at the rate we are progressing?  What will be the point, the fun to our new reality?


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The Media and The Mind

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

-Jim Morrison

8468788107_bb6c21b0e4_kThis awesome art is made by Flickr user mkhmarketing.

How true is this?  It’s one of the things I’ve been pondering: when does this apply in society?  When doesn’t it?

For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to distinguish media as a body controlled by a tight-knit group of television executives, news casters, and celebrities.  While society is a mush-pot of everyone else.

Also, before you read this, my mind has been whirling about with too many things, worries, and pressures lately.  So I apologize if this post doesn’t really make sense.

1. How society treats certain genders?

Movements like the HeForShe campaign and the AskHerMore movements championed by major figures in media including Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham, and Reese Witherspoon have been making waves in media for those who see the reasoning behind these movements.  Before figures in media rose up and noted this inequality, few people spared a second thought about how women were treated in society and in media– as mere “eye candy” or viewed as “weak” and only adequate as mothers (who mind you are freaking awesome).

Here’s a compilation of female celebrities lashing out against sexist questions:

2. How society treats certain races?

It took a while for African Americans to gain a foothold in the equality spectrum in the United States.  Period or large movements fighting for equal rights, many people were afraid to stand up for the cause.  Mass-media let those people know what they are not alone and that there are more willing to fight for the same causes.

On the other hand, media is also the one causing stereotypes, especially on account of gender, race, and other minute factors.  For example, Asians are stereotyped as “nerdy” and typically strict; however, I definitely know that that’s not true for everyone.  Often times, these social norms built up by society becomes what defines a person, not their individual idiosyncrasies.

3. How society views people with certain preferences?  How society makes us think?  How tolerate and accept?

In some ways, media has mixed results when it comes to preferences.  From what I have been seeing, sometimes society tends to champion beliefs that are different from those of media.  But then again, in any group of people, there will always be at least one “rotten egg.” Although, this brings me to another point: which influences what more– society or media?

How much can individual people, not under the microscope of scrutiny change the “idols” and those who’s lives are broadcasted and discussed in detail?

With questions like these, it annoys me that all I can really conclude is that every situation is conditional.  Ever case and debate is unique.  It’s hard to come up with a generalization and answer these questions, just as it is not right for society to stereotype, problems can’t truly be clumped up and addressed similarly.

So, how much influence does mainstream media really have over us?  Well, to some extent, in too many ways.  And in other respects, however much we let it.

Click, Click. Are we Machine or Are we Human?

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Come Down The Rabbit Hole

3249292348_5bb5cf7877_bI was planning on drawing again, but then I wandered upon this beauty by Flickr user Tobias Higbie.

Although I indirectly blogged about it last week, I didn’t make it quite clear.  Mr. John Steinbeck couldn’t have hit the nail on the head with the shocking claim that man created an intangible machine, an idea.  More or less, it’s the idea of a hierarchy and the concept that humans are replaceable; a mindset, I would like to point out, that may have been catalyzed by the Ford assembly line: faster, more efficient, one job, quicker, do it better, one task, another can easily take your place, work harder, better, “rinse, wash, and repeat.”  And what sprung forth from that idea was an unfeeling, uncaring, and selfish society.  I stated that “We are President Snow” referencing this machine, or rather one of the effects its had on us–…

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Impossibility of Opinion

Come Down The Rabbit Hole

Welcome to the 21st century.  You have many freedoms and rights– just don’t cross the line and offend anyone.  Why you ask?  Because society has a mindset that everyone is entitled to express an opinion, no matter how little thought they put in or how superficial and unrelated it is.  So no matter how objective you try to be or how unoffensive you strive to be, someone somewhere will roll their eyeballs and strike down your opinion on the basis of “malicious intentions.”

3280622749_5bda7d59aa_bThis picture titled “Internet’s universe” is by Flickr user CLUC.  I take no credit for this!!

As of late, I have been dedicating about an hour and a half researching gender-related issues.  In an Op-Ed post by Emma Pierson to the New York Times titled “How to Get More Women to Join the Debate” she asserts that her research on the topic of gender-bias has…

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Mentalities– To Care Or Not To Care

One of my blog post/rants I feel strongly about, posted on my shared blog.

Come Down The Rabbit Hole

Recently, there have been countless incidents where I find myself questioning why people act the way the do, in fact I wrote an essay on it (it will be published later, I’ll keep y’alls posted).  The case I’m going to focus on in this post is how women are treated.  Of course, I know there are women in this world who shouldn’t treat men the way they do.  But I’m a girl, so I’m going to talk about my personal experiences and point of view.  Now before I start, I’m definitely biased.  I’ve grown up with the mentality in the novels I read, the people I choose to surround myself with, and the people I look up to that women can be independent.  That they should be treated with the same respect as men should.  That successful societies and sustainable civilizations are run on women receiving education and working…

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Something Old

Hey guys!

I’m sorry for not posting recently, but junior year has been pretty hectic and I’ve been writing in my free time on my shared blog (fun for English) Come Down the Rabbit Hole.  Come check out our posts there!

Anyways, in light of Valentines day (or Forever Alone Day in my case) and the addition of one candle to my yearly cakes (aka my birthday :P), I’m going write something fluffy (like baby cats).  In attempts to give this blog a little bit of love, I’m going to set a goal to post about one aspect of the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  Because what better way to celebrate “forever alone day” and my birthday, than with a quote about marriage. 🙂


Baby catsssss.  The one on the right should be DaiDai (see this post).

Something Old:

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Problem with Creativity and Projects.

Over winter break, I had a project to make a scrap book detailing specific events and experiences people suffered through in the Great Depression.  I was not quite thrilled to have a project in regular United States history in addition to a bunch of other homework my AP teachers piled on me (then again, as much as I want to complain… I signed up for it all…).  It was one of the last things on my to-do list.  IMG_8668

When I got to it, I was pumped up and thought about making it something special.  Something that was unique and format it in a way I have never done in a project before– create my own background collages, layer more foreground pictures, find pictures all from SPECIFIC states, and use a variety of colors (mostly varied shades browns, green, and black because I was going for the antique look) and fancy text.  The pictures themselves and the facts I included took about four to five hours. What. Continue reading