Can we go back?

Novels about nature or books that are set in times before the industrial revolution make me yearn for days where life seemed much more… simple.  Taxes were trivial or nonexistent, school didn’t take up 10-12 years of a person’s life, and people just hung out.  If I had to pinpoint anytime in history as the time that changed human behaviors from meeting people in person to “hanging out” over virtual “reality,” I would say it’s the Industrial Revolution that has changed us.  The goals of faster output, more products and sales, uniformity, scheduling, and working throughout the night as though workers are easily expendable all seem to stem from that era.  When in human society can we just decide, “let’s go back.”  Back to living day to day and not having to worry about problems in the future, finances, taxes, and burdening major work stress.  For kids even, we put aside the childhood many before us experienced and focus on studies because we’re told, “be the best you can be in school… put everything aside… work now, fun later… get into good colleges… otherwise you’ll have no future.”


Our society is one that has evolved from outdoors and beautiful stars, to the confined, artificial, and removed indoors.  From playing physical sports and laughing together with friends to typing repeatedly on a keyboard, staring at machines, laughing at bright screens, and merely sitting and laying down.  What is to become of our society at the rate we are progressing?  What will be the point, the fun to our new reality?


A/N: These pictures are not mine, I found them somewhere on facebook with no links or credits to the original artists.


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