Something Old

Hey guys!

I’m sorry for not posting recently, but junior year has been pretty hectic and I’ve been writing in my free time on my shared blog (fun for English) Come Down the Rabbit Hole.  Come check out our posts there!

Anyways, in light of Valentines day (or Forever Alone Day in my case) and the addition of one candle to my yearly cakes (aka my birthday :P), I’m going write something fluffy (like baby cats).  In attempts to give this blog a little bit of love, I’m going to set a goal to post about one aspect of the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  Because what better way to celebrate “forever alone day” and my birthday, than with a quote about marriage. 🙂


Baby catsssss.  The one on the right should be DaiDai (see this post).

Something Old:

Friendships.  Friendships make life livable.  They’re amazing blossoms of wonder, excitement, and empowerment.  Even though I’m a total introvert, people with similar interests and values as me who don’t mind hanging around are something that I am and will always be grateful for.  A lot of people, including myself, often overlook the friendship bonds in most families, so my friendship extends to them.  On my birthday, the people dear to me wishing me happy birthday and taking time out of their day to make or buy me presents is enough to lift my spirits for the rest of the month. These are my “old.”  Old relationships that will transcend through time are ones worth fighting for.  Ones comprised of trust, unconditional love, support, mutual guidance, trust, playfulness, honesty, and respect.  Relationships can be weeds or blossoming flowers.  So, as the quote goes, pick your weeds, but keep the flowers.

I intend to hang onto my friendships for as long as I can– hopefully forever and “always.”  Although most of my current friends have only “known” known me for about three to six years, the bonds we have created make it seem as though we have known each other for a lifetime.

I know my “something old.”  How about you?

IMG_0001The presents I got from amazing friends today.  Sorry! I should have taken this picture without my shadow being in there… And yes, I intend on finishing all the junk food.


On a side note, I saw a lotion sample today with the catch phrase: Your friends may be flaky (but a ladies’ legs should never be).  Um, no.  That’s superficial and makes light of the bonds of friendship.  But that’s a rant for another day.


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