The Irony of the Human Race

Hey guys, random insight into the human race.  We’re filled with irony.  Example: We make and write books about trees and nature, confine ourselves in little homes sticking our noses in books, while there is nature to be found and observed outside.

5059169653_bfb1d1dae5_oThis work showing irony is by Flickr user Laurie Michelle.

Another ironic thing is what media chooses on focusing on. One man was BITTEN by a shark sometime this week.  Oh the horrors.  Well check out the humans KILLING sharks statistics.humans-kill-approximately-100-million-sharks-every-year

I found this picture on the wordpress Be Empowered.

Another irony is found in the American news coverage of Ebola:39f3ff42-516b-486c-ab35-47904f153ed2 André Carrilho, an illustrator and cartoonist drew this and stated “A death in Africa, or Asia for that matter, should be as tragic as a death in Europe or the U.S.A., and it doesn’t seem to be.”

But perhaps the biggest irony of the human race is our blatant disregard for the scientific meaning of life itself.  In the video below, Hank Green of Scishow breaks down the biological role of why we live: to pass on our genetics and insure the future of our race.  And although this sounds really sad and undermines our purpose in life, that’s basically what all life boils down to– future generations.

Here’s where the irony plays in.  To ensure the future generations’ survivability, a vast amount of resources are needed.  Unfortunately, with modern industrialism, the availability of resources in markets has detached us from the process and the first-hand experience of the detriments we are doing on the Earth’s resources.  Therefore, our possibly unintentional apathy only serves to detriment future generations and basically ensures difficulties for their generation.  And no, I’m not just talking about global climate change (which I do acknowledge some groups saying does not exist), but all the same.  We are polluting the environment.   We are causing deforestation.  We are burning natural gases.  We are wasting tons of food every year (and I mean literal tons, look it up, I linked one website).  We are causing topsoil to erode.  We are depriving other species of food, water, shelter, and space.  We are causing the downfall of the Earth.  We are cementing our future generations’ downfall.

Ah, humanity, we defy our purpose in life.  But alas, I am also a hypocrite.  Oh the irony.

A/N: I may or may not be feeling a bit bitter this week :3

This was mainly inspired by thought, Hank’s video, and a TED talk.


3 thoughts on “The Irony of the Human Race

  1. Thank you for exposing these “no-longer-secrets-but-we’ve-been-committing” actions. I, too, have thought about the irony that’s been engulfing this world. I’ve recognized it, but simply disregarded it because it was “just human nature” to be ironic and hypocrites. Well-written blog post, Victor. 😛 I can’t find the like button on your blog theme, but when I do, [insert self-explanatory result] (ps. do you have Ziebarth? or are you just blogging for funsies?)

  2. Haha, thanks Tina Turner. .> That being said, I’m still human, aka still a total hypocrite. XD And I’m glad you enjoyed the brain-child of my random spout of bitterness, so I did it partially for Ziebarth, but mostly because I wanted to share my bitterness, aka I wanted to rant about something this week… 😛 Also, I’m glad to see you’ve found the “like” button~ Hank you~

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