Hey guys, I know I haven’t updated in… yikes, about three months!  I guess my only excuses would be a creativity hiatus, SAT and ACT studying, loads of tennis, and school!

Anyways, the topic that brought me back to this blogging world is strength.

symbol-of-strengthI found this picture on  It’s the Chinese character for strength.  And hey, it looks cool.

This is just a general message to everyone because we all experiencing stress, whether physical, mental, or emotional.  And everyone, everyday must work to overcome all the obstacles life puts in our path.  The catch is that sometimes, there’s so much stress on us that we feel like we are and have been broken.  But the truth is, we’re all elastic.  Humans are elastic.  And in the words of P!nk, or Alecia Moore, “We’re not broken, just bent.”  Because with the right mindset and people surrounding you, there is nothing that can break you.  And if it’s any consolation, my mindset is that I’m never the only person suffering.  There are always people suffering with me, people suffering less than me, and people who suffer more than me.

For example, it always stresses me out in the morning that I have to get up at 6:00 AM and get to class by 6:58.  And every morning begins with me cranky and possibly snapping at my family.  But, as I become more awake, I remember that there are others who have to get up at the same time and those who have similar work loads and pressures.  In fact, I begin to feel thankful because it was my choice to take a zero period.  Yet I have to make my parents have to wake up, suffer with me, deal with my crankiness in the morning, help me prepare breakfast and lunch, drive me to school, and send me off because I chose to take a zero period.  (I feel especially bad because I almost never wake up on time and my mom has to get up early and make sure I get up on time.)

The idea seems completely clique and many have said things like, “So you got one bad grade, it’s not the end of the world.  Just take a break, accept that you did bad, and do better next time.”  And I know, to the ends of the universe and back, that it’s so much easier said than done to move on and carry on with your life.  But sometimes, it’s important to “take a step away from entropy” (like I worded in my last school essay) and just appreciate things in life.  One of the best ways I personally cope with stress is to take a few minutes, walk outside or look up at the sky, and appreciate the beauty of nature.  After all, human society is the main source of modern stress, so it’s key to just get away from society and school pressure.  (Side note: Please look up “homework causes stress” and eyeball roll with me at the fact that people had to do “studies” to figure that out.)

Another amazing thing about strength is that often times, when your physical strength weakens or is weak, the strength in other aspects of your life will increase.  For instance, the 4-finger pianist was born with (can you guess) only four fingers!  Her fingers were so weak that her mother tried making her play piano to strengthen her fingers to hold a pencil, but almost gave up after a long period of effort.  It was then, in that time of distress, that she overcame her physical disability through emotional and mental strength.  She was mentally and emotionally empowered to prove her mother wrong and persevered to show her mom that she will not be worthless, even if she has to work hard to achieve that. (A/N: Her reasons and the strength she gained to successfully play piano may have come arisen for different reasons and feelings, but that is how I interpret her achievement.  To each their own.)

Looking for inspiration and motivational things can also serve as strength.  The idea that others can and have achieved goals of great magnitude can be turned into a mindset: others have accomplished this and had to go persevere through similar obstacles, so no matter how hard I have to work, I can too.  Of course, this is reality and life can suck and there are always forces that can prevent you from achieving that goal ranging from financial problems to social factors, but all that I can say is  first choose carefully.  Analyze the situation and the reality of your goals.  From then, on after you accept the probable outcomes,  that you can try building yourself up mentally, emotionally, and maybe even physically.

** A short example containing a spoiler!!!

In the Scarlet Letter, Hester is an outcast of society and has little strength and influence in society.  However, she builds herself up and steels herself with mostly mental and mixed with a little bit of emotional strength.


I saw comments in Kelly Clarkson’s video for “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” that were completely negative and ignorant.  Some trolls or just ignorant individuals claimed that the phrase (originally by Friedrich Nietzsche) “What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger” is false.  There are comments like “What if you lose a limb, that won’t make you stronger” or even extreme comments (that I’m sure are just made my trolls trying to get hateful responses) like “My aunt trusted Kelly and tried making herself stronger by jumping off a building and breaking her leg.  She’s dead now, thanks.”   Well what those people do not realize, is that when people lose a limb, that phrase will technically hold true.  Although their physical strength is diminished, their mental,  emotional, and even strength from community must compensate.  If they live their life destroyed because of that lost limb, they are mentally and emotionally “killed.”


Photo Credits: Me.  The card was given to me in the 6th grade and signed by a ton of my very “best-est” friends who have continued to be by my side throughout the years and have been huge motivations and inspirations in my existence.

Quote of the post: DFRArcheryTargetThis was a creative commons image and I edited text into it.

A/N: The “Quote of the Post” is a thing that I may or may not follow through with whenever I remember or have inspiration to post.


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