The Best & The Worst

I have been living in a first-world society for my entire life.  I have not been ignorant to the problems of the world.  They just never bore significant effect.  I know of the factory-raised animals, climate, the mistreatment of animals and humans around the world, poverty as a major problem, the violence plaguing so many people even in first-world countries (like recent shooting near the area I live), nuclear threats, people dying, cancer, diseases, etc.


First World Problems Versus… World Problems?


Which is more relevant to you?

But because of recent events in my high school life, I would say the worst aspect about life as of late is mental degradation.

The pressures that life throws on individuals these days has skyrocketed.  Everyone has to worry about things like financials, doing well in school, having enough volunteer activities to stand out, while juggling things relationships and friendships, social media, having fun, etc.  With this, many kids aren’t getting enough sleep and/or experience immense pressures from all aspects including society and family.  The effects of sleep on memory and separating reality from fiction is quite profound.  Results of the Nazi Sleep Experiment can attest to that.  ** Before I provide a link to the experiment, please know that it can be quite creepy to read about and right when you click the link, there will be a rather disturbing picture of one of the participants.  So, if you dare, click “here.”   The alarming thing about mental degradation is that it’s hard to self-reflect and realize that your own mental state is becoming unstable.  A person developing mental diseases or is undergoing a short “insanity phase” is also likely to cut themselves off from others, making it very hard to get to and help the person.

Now, I’m no psychologist, but I’ve definitely dealt with friends who have experienced and still are experiencing these problems.  And from firsthand experience, it’s not an easy thing to deal with as a friend– more times than not, I don’t know how to deal with it and how to help them.  So in a way, my two cents on the worst things in life is not just mental atrophy, but also the stresses in life that lead up to this.

Yes, I had to add a GIF of a pony… All the other pictures of “mental breakdowns” were just weird….

But here’s where the best things in life come in and help: the people who care.  The beautiful and wonderful thing about life is that more times than not, there’s always constant support and belief from the people around you.  Your friends and family are your biggest asset.  The good friends and family will say what they think will benefit you the most, won’t judge you for personal opinions or appearance; instead, they will attempt to get you “back in line” and try explaining when they don’t approve of certain actions.  And the role of being a best friend is not just what is listed above, but also going above and beyond and try to help them, even when the one who needs help is trying to push everyone away.  Also, the way that social media works now, the people who love and support you don’t even have to be physically nearby.  And if at all, there’s always someone online who will be willing to accept you, listen to your story and troubles, and even be moved by your struggles somewhere online.  You know what?  I’ll listen, if you have troubles that are currently bothering you, just comment below and I’ll listen.  This connection of caring and connecting is best and most beautiful thing in society.


So, as my friends from middle school (who are still my best friends today) told me through a birthday card “find your happy place…”

A/N: I know that my section on “worst” is longer than “best,” but I felt as though everyone should know those people who truly care for them, so that would be more self-explanatory than my two-cents on mental deterioration as being the worst aspect of society.


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