Teenagers- The Feelings of Invincibility?

As a teenager, everyone and everything kind of just makes you feel invincible.  It’s been a sWGd8mdk5y-4topic/stage of life that many novels and teens alike have discussed.  But until this week, I guess it hit me harder than usual that as a teen, life isn’t necessarily always going to move on.  In fact, we’re just as fragile, both physically and (especially) mentally, as everybody else.

Perhaps the one biggest thing as a teenager (for me at least), that is a big-smack-in-the-face reminder that life is always limited and should be relentlessly valued is when someone, especially if they are young, passes away.  Just last week, a 15 year-0ld sophomore at my school passed away after being hit by a car.  I may not have known him, but from the words spoken about him by his friends, he was a great individual.  But a mere 15!  That age is too young, even I’m older than him…  So my open ended thought (I guess) is, should teens be told often to treasure everything in their lives and be reminded of the cold hard reality?  Or should they be allowed to rreality-check-for-big-pharma-and-medicare-part-demain in their realm of invincibility? (Hm a bit like ignorance is bliss…)



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