Simply Tedious or Simply Neccessary?

To be perfectly honest, I’m sometimes bothered by the daily workload students are assigned and the manner that they are being assigned all while having to juggle time for friends, family, studying (for both school tests, SAT, ACT, and whatever other extracurricular like Chinese School or piano CM– I just took my piano and theory CM two weeks ago 😀 ), etc.

I’m perfectly aware that there have been many debates concerning the amount of homework students should have.  I will acknowledge that the focus spans of our generation of teenagers have a drastically decreased attention and focus span due to the many distractions in life.  Perhaps the biggest culprit of making time slipping through our fingers, making certain skill-sets of society wane, and cause kids to have less and less time to sleep is the internet.  Based on a study done last year, the average American spends 23 hours a week online, texting, etc.  That’s about 14% of our week and about 19% of the average person’s time awake (given you sleep 7 hours a day… which judging from most teens, that’s probably more than what they’re getting…)  Those numbers are rather scary, that you only have so many years to live and yet, everyone’s spending a great chunk of it on a virtual world (like you and I right now).Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 10.50.17 PM


A random picture I found on Google Images.  I just edited in the words.

The somewhat offsetting thing is, that number will only rise.  Schools and teachers now-a-days seem to rejoice in having the internet as a tool and expect all students to “use it,” whether it’s tweeting certain questions/topic, or using that time to write a blog “documenting” their lives, or researching, or collaboration.  I honestly have mixed feelings about the use of technology in schools because 1. students can easily cheat and look up answers and 2. time that people could be using to see each other in person and get to physically know them better is being taken away and somewhat discouraged.  Within the two years (for me anyways), internet usage for projects and collaboration has generally been encouraged by teachers.  But by encouraging the usage of the web, I find that other students have almost no life outside the internet.  It’s good that teachers are using resources, however I really wish that sometimes they would just encourage kids to go outside and get inspired, look up at the stars, read books, actually smell fresh air, appreciate the things around them, and discover things for themselves in a world outside the internet; don’t just stay cooped up in a room… typing… staring for hours-on-end at a lit screen.

Not all cases of this are true, but I find the people who have actually gone on trips concerning the “outside world” and spend quality time with the families are the people who are more fun to talk to.  In addition, they know a lot of knowledge and have done things, like experience the thrill of skiing, riding a horse, or jumping into a pond from a vine or rope, that people online wouldn’t even experience.

cell-phone-christmas-cardSo I guess my note to the world through this rant is: appreciate the things outside, live a bit (but don’t overdo it *coughs you “YOLO” people*), and learn something new, have fun, and actually spend quality time face-to-face with people.

To teachers: try assigning things outside the internet or a textbook and encourage kids to “LIVE” and not spend half their lives in a chair in front of a “magical box.”


7 thoughts on “Simply Tedious or Simply Neccessary?

  1. I have “no life outside the internet”, but it’s probably not due to teachers’ encouragement haha. And nice post , it reminded me that I need have more experiences -sigh- away from the computer.

    • Hahah, this post was my try to motivate myself to get a life outside of the internet! XD But if would be nice if we all had “time” (off the internet and from not procrastinating) to hang out with each other more often…. :3

      • Dude I remember when we were doing Guidevisement, and the presenter was like yeah the gap year isn’t very practical or common in America, but we put it on the info sheet anyway. And that just made me really sad.

      • Haha, I know. That was pretty crushing… as well as sort of a “punch-in-the-face you’re weird to do gap year and we’re going to discourage you from taking a break”…. =.= Oh well, we can always wait until our graduation party to hang out for like a week…

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