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I’ve been reading the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” in my English class and talking about World War I in my European history class.  All the clips and the novel itself make me realize how the everyday society is so removed from the problems of other “classes” and of other situations like war.

armedForcesThis made me think… how many people in the United States actually serve the army?  According to a few sources I found online (Don’t kill me if the numbers are off.  Also, different sources conducted surveys and collected their information around 2012-2014, so some numbers may vary.  I’m pretty sure the numbers I’ve found are members active, not including those in reserve.):

Army (unknown) 535,000

Navy (2014) 323,561

Air Force (2013) 325,952

Marines (unknown) 198,427

Total DOD (aprox., unknown)  1.4 Million

Coast Guard (aprox., unknown) 38,000

Total Armed Forces 1.4 million

The numbers seem pretty large, however, when compared to the total number of citizens/people currently in the United States (about 316,128,839) that number is a pretty small slice.  It strikes me as amazing that out of so many people, society after combat (like the ones people in World War I experienced) would seem to be superficial and unreal.  Although in the eyes of society (at least in the news I’ve been seeing), wars like those in the middle eastern areas seem rather insignificant to us, but to those who are actually fighting, it’s a totally different world.  So to those serving and experiencing what the “average bloke” would (hopefully) never experience and I know words probably wouldn’t even begin to suffice, but thanks for all your services.


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