Getting Up

Just another rant about things in life:kmene-71518041722 One of my many difficulties in life is getting up in the morning, especially since I’m tumblr_my1tf4SP481smyzxpo1_500just your average sleep-deprived teen.  I mean seriously!  I find it very difficult to wake up, knowing that soon I’ll be stuck in classrooms, have homework assigned, actually having to complete homework and studying for test, and eventually having to repeat practically the exact same process again, and again, and AGAIN until the weekends.  People always say think of something positive that you think is going to happen during the day.  But if I have to think of something positive to help me get up while an alarm clock is blaring in my ears, heh, good luck. Like many others, I prefer being a night-owl because one- I always have work to do and two- the process of dragging myself to get ready for bed and then knowing that in a few hours I’ll have to repeat the process of hauling myself out just. seems. tiring. nightowlThink positive… think positive…. On the bright side, after the routine of get dressed, brush your teeth, brush your hair, etc. you eventually get to the point of when you can meet up with friends, chat with them a bit, and have some fun times together. 😀  That’s always a good reason to get up right?  To see the faces of those you enjoy being with!  It’s those little things in life that I’ve found enjoyable and worth getting up for.  It’s also good consolation when you realize thousands of other kids and their parents need to get up and go through the “routine” every morning.  Yay for not suffering alone!  Another good reason I’ve found is to look forward to learning new things whether it’s online, by talking to friends, or *heh* paying attention in class.  But you know what?  Life is better when you dwell on the good things in life, not just the potentially dreadful repetitive stuff. Enjoy your day because who know?  They are numbered. *cough* I meant who knows what funny gifs and little gimmicks await your day!  Like these!   I mean seriously… Just look up animal gifs or cute animals.












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