A Computer Screen

virtualworldThe argument of technology is a long-lasting one.  Many schools and programs are becoming wide-spread and almost everything is accessible at the push of a button or two.   As an introvert, I find the spread of technology interesting, yet daunting.  Many programs, like the sequencing of DNA, has been made a lot easier (to scientists) and the storing and spreading of the crucial hand-humanmedical information is also easier to access.  Interesting facts are being spread around at unbelievable speed via social media.  However, it also brings up tip “don’t believe everything you see online.”  It is really cool how everyone can look up questions on hand-held devices without consulting experts or going to libraries to check things out.

On the other side of the double-edged blade, problems like cyber bullying and even suicide cases have become an issue.  Whenever I’m watching videos online I see comments like “go die,” “this video is so …,” “the person looks so stupid,” etc.  And my big pet peeve comes up, only say through the safety of a computer screen what you would say to their faces.  Putting out negative opinions only gives lee-way for you to be bashed cyberbullying-2and insulted because everyone can see and your close friend may even recognize your username and judge critically.

Also people literally have information about everyone across the globe who has used the internet or has posted few meager words there.  Scary isn’t it?  But you being online, you probably already know.  Just… be careful.  There have been many debates both online and offline about the dangers of the internet.  But is it truly the fault of the internet, all the entertainment it brings, and all the information stored there?  Or is it just “the players?”

I’ll leave you to decide whether the internet is good or bad.  Or whether it’s the people using it who need to be educated or moderated.


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