Liebster Award!


Yay!  I got nominated (okay.. fine by a friend) for the Liebester Award.  <-  (My friend who nominated me wrote a pretty concise and informative post about what it actually is.)  So without further need of explaining it *wink, wink… I’m obviously pretty lazy today* here I go!

1. What is your favorite meal of the day and why?
Oooh. DINNER! (Dinner was my first thought… but I changed my mind… see below)  I hardly eat anything for breakfast because I literally roll out of bed at 7:30 and hurry to school by 8… (Smart choice Vicki =.=) Actually, on second thought, lunch is probably my favorite.  Although school doesn’t allow me much time to eat (I’m a very SLOW eater okay..?  it usually takes me 2 hours to eat dinner…), I get to spend time with the friends I’ve known since 6th grade.  Lunches at school are basically the only time periods my friends and I get to hang out and chat.

2.  What time do you usually wake up?  Weekdays vs. weekends?
Because of my ranting style, I’m just going to repeat myself.  Weekday: 7:30, weekends…. 1:30 PM…. <- heh… heheh….

3.  What television show would you like to have a part in?  Either as an actor/actress or someone working behind the scenes!
None?… Unless secretly being filmed in a reality T.V. show or sitcom without my knowledge.  Yeah, nope.  I’m not cool enough. *sobs*

4.  What’s an extracurricular that you haven’t done, but wanna try?
Does archery count?  Girlscouts? I don’t know… the sky’s the limit…  🙂

5.  Your one and only OTP.
NOOOO! I CAN DO A WHOLE RANTING POST ON HOW I JUST. CAN’T. CHOOSE!  Fine Fine Fine.  Either NaLu (Fairytail) or 10th Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who)Fairy.Tail.full.1184359 doctor_who__10th_x_rose_by_lordolxinator-d49cknr

6.  Favorite book of all time?
OOOH… Another tough one… I’d have to say Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

7.  Anything you’d like to share?  Now’s the time for shameless self promotion ;)
Hahah, man I’m going to feel vain… either that or depressed my my short list of mere accomplishments. XD  Uh… I’m playing the piano (going for advanced level CM this February), I drew Elsa pretty well (by my standards anyways and I’ll put the picture in a Frozen-related blog post that I’m planning to write), I’m an introvert (aka being “social” is somewhat annoying to me outside my group of best friends), I enjoy playing video games (from Pokemon, to Nintendogs, to Mario Kart, to SuperSmashBrawl, to Neopets <- yeah I still play that, to Modern Warfare, to Naruto games), I love competing and making bets with people, and I’m an awkward duck.

8.  (Stolen from before) Favorite Disney movie?  Also, favorite Disney character?
Current favorite Disney movie: Frozen (mainly because of the soundtrack).  Current favorite Disney character: Elsa (because I can relate to her struggles the most… though I don’t know what that says about me…)

9. (also stolen) Favorite fandom?
Favorite fandom…. Nerdfighteria because they’re an awesome-butt community. :}  If that doesn’t count than SuperWhoLock because we’re a bunch of nut-heads.  And if THAT doesn’t count than definately Harry Potter (cause for me it was like the “gate-way drug” of fandoms.)

10. If you could have a superpower, but it couldn’t be a big one like flying or teleportation, what would it be?  You have to be really specific (ex. the ability to repel bugs withing a 3 yard radius or the power to communicate with dogs, but only if you’re in Eastern Europe).
Ooh.  Superpowers.  The power to generate objects from specific images or feelings from my mind and/or memory.  Or to think of a memory and relive it whenever I want (it can only last for 30 minutes so I can’t be suck in one memory and have to experience everything up to the point where I’m looking back from… does that even make sense?).


To the people I nominate:

1. Favorite “type” of friends.
2. Favorite food and why.

3. Favorite picture and why.

4. Favorite book author.

5. Best Shakespearean insult you can remember. (Otherwise look it up online…)

6. If you can only have one animal to accompany you in life, which would it be? (And don’t say Unicorn because they’re MINE!)

7. Most intriguing fandom and why.

8. If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life and can only bring 3 things (or people), what would you bring?

9. If you can pick a book, movie, fandom, etc. to out the rest of your life in, which would it be (and don’t say the Hunger Games >.<).

10. Favorite childhood memory and why.


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