The New Dilemma

For the first time in forever, I’m writing a blog post that doesn’t relate to school.  Am I talking “that problem” (as my chemistry teacher so kindly put it when someone “asks him to help with a problem.”) or my inability to meet “the one?” 0.0   Nope.

I made a blog post recently about my cats and connected it to Oedipus and Antigone.   They’re still the awesome kitties from back then, except the big one leaves much more frequently.  So for that reason and for safety concerns, we’ve decided that we should get them “fixed” and give them the necessary shots.  The one big problem… They still don’t have names!

If you want the skip the rest and just give me probable names down in the comments. Go for it!


Little Kitty.

IMG_5648Dun Dun Dun Dahhhhhh!

Okay I’ll give short descriptions to help with the naming, especially if anyone decides to make a recommendation with a book/fandom reference (although my parents probably won’t get it…)  The little one is always in our backyards, but when he does leave, he leaves while my brother and I are at school.  He always manages to get back around 3:00 when we get back home.

IMG_5791Name… Give me a Name!!!! Or a treat, that works too.

Big Kitty.


Hello friend.  I’m just being lazy.

Hm. Big Kitty.  Poor guy.  He’s so loving and caring.  But every time he gets comfortable somewhere, some other cat(s) take up all the attention.  The first time he felt dejected was when the mommy cat had two other kittens:

CUTE!Awwww.  Weren’t they adorable??!

So with his original owners, he was paid less attention than before.  But after the neighbors moved away, the big kitty pretty much stayed with us… until little kitty came (the one above).  Since then, the little one’s been with us non-stop and so the big one only comes back once in a while (usually during dinner time), eats, plays with us a bit, maybe sleeps a tad, and then leaves. ;(  But even though he doesn’t stay very often, occasionally he’d spend the night over at our house.IMG_5857

So, what would you name them?


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