Tale of Two Cities – Justice?

Scales-of-justice-2You probably can tell that I’ve been reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens from previous posts.  Well.. yeah, school calls.  Anyways, one question that I was pondering, does anyone in the book carry out true justice.  Which character would you best use to symbolize, or convey, righteousness?  Miss Pross?  Doctor Manette?  Lucie?

To be quite honest, I have no idea.  In some ways (and someone’s told me their opinion) that Miss Pross seems to be the most likely candidate.  It was just to kill someone who was going too far with their plans and protected what she held dear, despite the known consequences… right?  Ok… Yeah, I guess… But I’ll let you decide and ponder that yourself.

Often times in novels, T.V. shows, and movies we see villains being killed, defeated, and sometimes humiliated.  Just how the directors or writers meant for us to feel.  But sometimes, looking back on it, what if the villain was just a victim of unfortunate circumstances, pain, and/or was raised corrupt from the start?  Is that their faults, despite their actions, do they deserve death?  What and who do you think represented and acted in true justice?  I’m really anxious to know what you guys, if anyone actually reads this stuff, thinks. Comment in the doobly-doo. Thanks! 🙂


A/N: Okay… So I know I haven’t posted in a while… Sorry, it was laziness and quite frankly… writer’s block.


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