Mycroft and Madame Defarge

*Sherlock (novel) and A Tale of Two Cities Spoilers*



In English class, we are currently reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  Outside of class, I am reading Sherlock by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  In the novels, it struck me that Madame Defarge and Mycroft have similar and somewhat understated roles in the society around them.  It’s not until late in the Sherlock series that Sherlock reveals Mycroft is the state.  He keeps all matters of national importance of all branches sorted out in his systematic head, putting it all together, and always having the ability to recall all events.  Similarly, in A Tale of Two Cities, in book 2, chapter 15, Defarge tells Jacques that she keeps everything told to her in both her memory and her knitting.

This got me thinking, many people in the modern society don’t confide things to our own memories anymore.  Instead, we rely on the ever-changing virtual world– the internet.  Recently, I read an edition of Scientific American in which discusses the psychological changes happening to us because of virtual concepts like Google.  Because of the convenience of technology, most brains spend less time remembering petty things like schedules.  I haven’t completely finished reading the article, so I’ll cut this blog short and end it here.

DFTBA, vicki.


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