An Awkward (Sounded Better In My Head) “Hello.”

“Hi, my name is Victoria Vicki.”

Hey, so I’ve realized a while ago that I’ve never done a formal introduction to start off my blogging.  Meh, who am I kidding, I don’t fare well with formal.  So like Julienne, my blogging partner, I’ll make one.

Anyone who knows me outside of the blogging world, the magic of internet, or a virtual world trapped inside a cleverly created box can immediately tell, I’m a socially awkward five year-old unfortunately stuck in the growing body of a teenager with a passion for the world, all things science, several fandoms (I’ll list a few later), clever puns, YouTube videos, Sci-fi shows, and engaging novel plots.  So, “Hi!”

derpy_happy“Hay” guys! See what I did there??! *wink wink*

Anyways like I previously stated, I’m terrible with formal introductions -scratch that- anything formal, concerning the adult world, introductions, and even saying “hi” to people I know.  This is why I have a default greeting to many of my innermost friends who know me well enough and don’t mind: run up to them and either poke them, give them a bear hug, or position my hand conveniently in front of their face or neck. (*I’d just like to point out that to this day I have never actually hit any of my friends in the face or neck… I think…)  This way, I skip the awkwardness of covering the distance between us, secure their attention rather well, and most of the time, they end up saying “Hey!” or “Oi!” as both a greeting and as a friendly warning *coughs threat* to “If you ever hit me…. bad things shall happen.”

Whoops, sorry guys, I went from trying to say “hello” to writing a whole monologue on greetings.  Welp, I guess I’ll just list 5 of the characteristic I think I exude…

  1. Nerdiness. John-Green-Nerd-QuoteI’m probably going to make a whole blog post in the future of all the fandoms and things I totally “nerd out” about.
  2. Gracefulness (can’t you hear my sarcasm?) Followed By Uncontrollable Laughter.  I have a natural tendency to trip over things everything including air.  Laughing and then pointing out how graceful I am usually follows.  But I also laugh a lot about little things in life and can’t stop myself… Unfortunately this occurs very often during times like playing tennis, formal situations, or serious matters…. yeah… *heh…*

SNF08TVBIZWHO1_280_1000330a3. Good-Natured…  EVILNESS >:}  Okay fine, maybe I’m not that evil.. but I like to think I am.2083345_orig

4. Playfulness.


5. Shy and Slow to Trust.  But once trust and like is established… Run!  >:}8a9e59e20e4d127585128c8695909b1f

Anyways, everything on this post about an awkward “hello” seemed to flow a lot better in my head.  Oh well.  Maybe someday in the future, I’ll post up a list of things I totally love aka fangirl about.  But until then, happy Hunger Games! And May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor. blogging!  DFTBA!gallery14


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