Challenge: 100 Words

 shortest-poemThe “pictures” above and below are arguably the world’s shortest abstract poems… The meanings are up for interpretation, but how much can really be said in the combination of two letters, mere abstract symbols?  Who knows, will we ever?

How much can be said in 100 words?  What ideas conveyed?  What kind of precision or choice of words does it take to create a meaningful message in 100 words exact?  So, what can be said in 100 words or less?  Well… For starters, a short text can report all kinds of misfortunes and wonders.   Can it make a coherent story?  Possibly.  Here’s my challenge to myself and whoever is reading this, summarize something you did today in 100 words in any format of your choice. Whatever you come up with, feel free to post it in the comments

To learn more about the world’s shortest poem:

*Author’s Note:  I may decide to write a few posts in the future to sum something up and trying to encase it all in 100 words.


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