Loyalty- World of Parallels

It’s amazing, honestly.  A few months ago, I thought loyalty wasn’t a strong suit of cats, instead more of a dog trait.  However along comes two of them, both males.  And one ultimately proves me dead wrong (although the other is also really caring).

~~After reading this article, please leave name suggestions for the big and little kitties in the dooblydoo of this blog (comments section)… After all this time, we have yet to name them…  Awesome, witty references to novels or movies would be appreciated.~~

IMG_5518A picture I took of both the little and the big kitty.

So first things first, these aren’t technically my cats. However, they may as well be because their last owner was my neighbor.  The father cat, quickly warmed up to us when we found him wandering in our backyard, shortly after the neighbors moved in and a few months before the little kitty was born.  Long story short, they rented out the house, brought two cats, two cats had two kids, then they moved away leaving two cats without warning– the father and one incredibly shy cat.  So after a week of warming up to it, it finally let us (meaning my family and I) pet it.

IMG_5254A picture we took in the first week of meeting its acquaintance.

In the beginning, the daddy cat would stay in our backyard, on the patio, for days-on-end.  He’d meow and try to get us to interact with it.  But after the little cat was born and then the neighbors moved out, he took up the hobby of wandering around the neighborhood.  Now we think it could be that he tries finding his “wife” around the neighborhood, but the reason behind his wandering could be hobby, to pass the time, or to find his old family.


The big cat’s “wife” and the little one’s “mom.”

So, we’ve known the little cat ever since the summer of 2013.  In the short time he’s learned to trust us, we’ve kept him fed, sheltered, etc.  All the things we can think of to keep them happy.  We even went as far as to buy them– outdoor cats– a cat tree! (Other cat-care suggestions we might not know of for them would be nice.)  In return, he’s given us his unwavering loyalty (and makes us feel guilty at times for not playing with him).


Come… Play with me… I’ll even climb a shaky tree to get your attention during dinner…

The little cat goes through incredible lengths to get out attention.  And for what?  Really just a few minutes a day of playtime, squealing over his cuteness, and affection.  The list of things he does to get our attention include: meowing every time we pass a window or the backyard door, scooting away from the door when they think we’re about to open it, run towards us when the door is opened and will immediately follow us out, plays fetch– without even being taught, the cats will bring back a toy mouse whenever we throw it, will follow us everywhere around the backyard, touching his face to the glass windows and doors when we put our hands against it, and being overwhelmingly adorable.

IMG_5539See, I’m cute! Play with me please!

Although the little one is super loyal to us, he is also uber, adorably caring towards the big kitty.  I heard it’s pretty rare– especially between males, but I see the little kitty and the big one interact in ways that demonstrates their caring and loyal attitude.  Every time the two see each other, they touch noses and the big one starts cleaning the little one’s face.

Parallels:  Similar to Antigone in Oedipus, the cat(s) and Antigone don’t every leave their father or the people who care about them.  Amazingly, after twenty years, Antigone sacrifices her life as royalty at Thebes to escort and make sure her father doesn’t suffer alone.

It’s a stereotype for cats to be lazy and somewhat snobbish, however our cats have crushed that misconception.  Similarly, Antigone shamed the social norm that females are essentially “worthless” and that it is the men who are supposed to take care of their father.  The cats and Antigone aren’t necessarily in it for the food or any gain.  Instead, they want to know someone out there cares for them, attention from those who care and appreciate their existence, and direction– Antigone, Oedipus becomes her reason to live, ironically he is her guidance in life; and the cats (I guess pets in general), rely on us for unconditional love, guidance, attention, and see their owner as a big part of their life.

*Note: I’ve never owned a dog, but I still love playing with all types of animals.  I just focused on the loyalty of “my” cats.  Name suggestions based on their characteristics and/or appearances in the comments would be awesome.

All in all, loyalty comes in many different shapes and forms, will stick with you through the thin and thick, and true trust takes a while, so as my seventh grade science teacher always said, “let it marinate.”  Believe me, according to my experiences with cats and dogs, the results are worth it.  Always.

Loyalty is rare, don’t lose sight of it, no matter what form it comes in.

Smile, I’m sure someone or some animal out there would like you to.

Go hug someone, an animal(s), or something (a teddy bear or… a tree?).

Don’t be too quick to accept stereotypes, happiness and loyalty can come in many forms.

“Find your happy place,”



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