In the anecdotes by Sophocles, he refers to blindness in more ways than one.  Often times, people do not realize that it is so easy to be figuratively blinded, as opposed to being physically blinded.Blinded_by_Truth_by_lorrainemd

Ironically in the short novels, Tiresias mentions that Oedipus was “blinded” and should not wish to “see” the truth.  But, of course, coming from an actually blind prophet, Oedipus replies in anger, condemning his words.  As an audience, we realize that throughout the novels, Tiresias was right and that Oedipus would have been better off without knowing the truth; in addition to him being blinded by lies and stubbornness (about his parents).  He then renders himself physically blind after he discovers his downfall through uncovering the truth.  Continuing this pattern, Creon acts parallel to Oedipus, allowing his blindness to bring misfortune.

There are many different ways a person can be figuratively blinded (these are just the ones that I could come up with, although some are applicable in more ways than one. Feel free to comment and add on down below):

1. Blinded by the truth – When someone may know too much, it often times may result in the truth being too much to handle.  Denial is an accurate word describing the effects of becoming blinded by truth.

2. Blinded by lies – An example of this is when a person thinks that everything around them is going well solely because everyone around them says so.  Those are lies.  The person is literally living in a world of lies.

3. Blinded by fear – When individuals are blinded by fear, it often times leads to panic, self-denial, and attempts to impede whatever inevitable obstacle is out there.

4. Blinded by greed – Many people may be blinded by this trait.  Greed and avarice almost always leads to self-contentment for short periods of time and the harming of others (consciously or subconsciously).

5. Blinded by ego/pride – Egotistical, prideful people (like Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice) are often in self-denial, refuse to believe in things others say, and don’t enjoy being “shown the truth” (no matter how obvious).

6. Blinded by stubbornness – Stubbornness can be a result of ego, however the refusal to believe in the advice and guidance of others causes blind spots and essentially refusal to learn the truth.

7. Blinded by ignorance – Not knowing and not striving to discover new truths is one of the key benefactors of figurative blindness.

8. Blinded by apathy – Not caring, not wanting to discover (as Donal Rumsfeld put it) the “unknown unknowns” is a leading major blind spot that may greatly influence one’s future.

I find it rather funny that figurative blindness is almost always more detrimental than literal blindness.  A person who is physically blind typically accepts that they may never see again.  Whereas metaphorically, one may refuse to accept their blindspot(s) or they may not even know that they exist.

Stay introspective,

Live life,




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