Innovative Silliness

Often times in society, it feels like there are people left and right telling you “it must be done this way and that.”  That’s one of the things that makes certain classes (especially English) stand out.  With a set, strict curriculum, a handful of everyday classes include teachers that direct certain assignments in a way that many will turn out to be similar.  However, it’s always those super witty kids in class who come up with something from a different perspective, that blows everyone away with their creativity (which often times can stem from enthusiastic silliness– so don’t be afraid to seem “silly”).

This picture from Gravity Falls (an interesting child-detective show on Disney) is a perfect example of how innovative one has to be to solve certain problems or achieve certain characteristics. (And keep in mind that “innovative” can also be synonymous or applicable for silly, funny, creative, different, and unique.)
Just the thought of teachers promoting innovation and creativity, stretching the minds of their scholars in a way that is mind-boggling, is a feat in of itself.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have countless teachers who have let their students “run wild” with projects and have created stunning results.  Back in eighth grade, one of my favorite teachers assigned us a “board game.”  No, we didn’t have to play a manufactured board game, instead we had to sew in parts of Tom Sawyer, create our own playing board, and write out a set of rules.  In the game, we had to incorporate the literary theme in our own perspective, display knowledge of the plot, and insinuate other literary elements in a creative and scholarly way.
The ideas and capacity of the mind is infinite and with modern technology and knowledge, why have certain fields, including engineering, technology, and science (& technology), seem to be lacking?  The institution of school is known as a positive tool in a child’s life.  However, one article on notes that by sticking children into a classroom and teaching them exactly how things work and not letting them think and hypothesize themselves may hold the back from creative innovation.  Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that good teacher teach concepts.  Amazing teachers take the time to allow children to apply it in their own ways, promoting new methods of thought and creativity.

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